We work closely with our clients to help them avoid the financial and emotional expense of wrong hire.

Our specializations are inter-related giving us a unique holistic view and ability to support your business. Our contractor manager service include compliant employment, local compliant payroll and tax efficient, work permit registration, salary advances and help desk.

Since 2004 we’ve constantly changed the way we work to meet the ever-changing needs of those challenging markets. cf About us

Our specialist Recruiters knowledge means they understand the market pressures you face and what drives your Recruitment needs. Our partnership doesn’t stop with each placement: we provide an individual after placement service to each candidate and each client to ensure we have indeed found the right person.

We take great pride in providing the right talent for your specific need, and don’t just “fill an open position.” When you work with Poolofcompetence, you’ll only receive the best.

Looking for the best talents: contact@poolofcompetence.com